About Zana Design
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Zana Design produces sustainable fashion sold to retailers around the world.

Zana Design was created by designer Rosana Constantini Hernandez. Her philosophy of making hand crafted pieces that are truly unique and stylish has gradually been perfected over time, yet she's always relied on her rich Brazilian culture and colorful landscape for inspiration.

Rosana was exposed to fashion and commerce at an early age at her family's market in Brazil. This was a place where jeans, handbags, and flip-flops could be purchased right along with a liter of milk. She later went on to attend the Museum of Fine Arts School in Boston where she refined her fashion sense and grew a passion for expressing her culture through her designs.

Today, back in Brazil, her fashions are now sold worldwide, but her work still proudly showcases true Brazilian style and craftsmanship.

New collection coming soon. More info: rosana@zanadesign.com

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